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French Fried String Onions

Serves 4-6 or 6-8 depending on how you serve them

Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 10 mins

1 Large Yellow Onion, peeled and Thinly sliced (donít cut the onion, make really thing onion rings shapes)
2 cups of Whole Milk
1-1/2 cups of All Purpose Flour
1 tsp of Paprika Pepper
2 tsp of Granulated Onion Powder
Salt and Pepper, to taste
Vegetable Oil for frying


1) Separate the onion slices with your fingers and place them in a bowl. Pour the milk over them and let them sit in the milk for about an hour.

2) In a separate bowl, mix together the flour, paprika, onion powder, salt and pepper.

3) Heat the oil to 375 degrees.

4) Take a handful of the onions at a time, shake off the excess milk, dredge them in the flour making sure you shake off a lot of the flour and add them to the hot oil.

5) Fry them for a couple minutes making sure you stir them around half way through the cooking time to make sure every strand is crispy.

6) Remove them from the oil and place them on a paper towel lined plate.

7) Repeat with the rest of the onions and enjoy them!

Recipe By: Laura Vitale