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Italian Antipasto Platter

Serves 6

1 Small Medium Green Leaf Head of Lettuce, Trimmed, Washed, Dried
4 oz Pancetta
4 oz Sliced Salami
4 oz Thinly sliced Prosciutto
8 oz Sharp Provolone (cut into large chunks)

For a garnish, use:
Kalamata Olives
Green Sicilian Olives
Pickled Pepperoncini or Cherry Peppers
Marinated Roasted Peppers
Marinated Artichoke Hearts

Note: These are some of my favorite ingredients for this platter, but you can use any of your favorites or follow my recipe exactly.


1) Make a bed of the lettuce leaves in a large serving platter. Loosely fold or roll the sliced meats and arrange the meats and cheeses neatly in rows or in groups on the lettuce.

2) Garnish the platter with the olives, hot peppers, and giardiniera, roasted peppers and artichoke hearts.

3) Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

4) Serve with crusty Italian bread.. Talk about a great way to start a party!!

Recipe By: Laura Vitale