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No-Bake Fruit Tart

Serves 8

1 9 Graham Cracker Crust
8 oz Package of Cream Cheese
cup of Heavy Cream
1/3 cup of Confectioner Sugar
tsp of Vanilla Extract
Zest and Juice of Half of a Lemon
Fresh Chopped Strawberries and Grapes
cup of Seedless Strawberry Jam


1) In a large bowl beat the heavy cream until it reaches soft peaks. Set aside

2) In another large bowl combine the cream cheese, confectioner sugar, vanilla and lemon zest and juice. Mix until creamy and gently fold in the whipped heavy cream.

3) Spread the filling evenly in the crust and set aside. In a small bowl add the jam and microwave for 30 seconds.

4) Pour the jam in a large bowl and toss with the fruit. Spoon the fruit on top of the filling and refrigerate for about 3 hours before serving.


Recipe By: Laura Vitale