Strawberry Jam


Preparation minutes
Cook time minutes


  • 3 Ĺ Pounds of Fresh Strawberries, hauled
  • 5 cups of Granulated Sugar
  • ľ cup of Fresh Lemon Juice
  • ĺ of a Packet of Fruit Pectin


    1) Fill about 2/3 of your canning pot with water and bring it to a simmer, using canning tongs add the canning jars and the lids but not the rim, leave them to simmer while you continue on the recipe.

    2) In a very large bowl, with either a potato masher or your hands, mash up the strawberries so you have some pulp and some chunks.

    3) Place the mashed strawberries in a large pot with the lemon juice. Over high heat, bring to a rolling boil and add the pectin, stir well and add in the sugar, stir that in really good as well.

    4) Let it bubble fiercely until the mixture reaches 220 degrees when tested with a candy thermometer.

    5) Turn the heat off and skim off all the foam that has collected at the top of the jam.

    6) Remove the jars from the hot water with canning tongs and using a canning funnel, fill the jars with the jam until they are ľ inch from the top.

    7) Run a clean knife (or a canning knife) along the inside edges of the jam filled jars. (this removes all air pockets)

    8) Using your canning tongs, remove the lids from the simmering water and place it on the jars (make sure it's centered) screw on the rim but make sure you donít screw it on too tightly.

    9) Fill the pot with a bit more water and turn the heat up to high and bring to a boil.

    10) Insert a canning rack in the pot and place all your jars in pot on top of the rack (make sure they are all submerged in the boiling water.

    11) Cover the pot and let them boil away for 20 minutes. Turn the heat off and let them sit for 5 minutes in the hot water.

    12) Remove the jars from the hot water and let them sit somewhere at room temperature for a day so that they seal completely. Donít bother them as they sit for the day otherwise you can cause them to not seal properly.

    13) After the day has gone by, check on the jars to make sure the lids are tightly sealed.

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