Easter Menus

Easter Menus

Homemade Pastiera

Hi guys, I’m so excited to finally have a page on the website where I can share a lot more of my thoughts with you. Primarily this page will be more food content that just doesn’t ever make it into a video. Whether it’s sharing things I’m eating, tips on food prep or menu ideas for special Holidays and occasions, this will be a place for you and I to basically chat even more. Hope you’re as excited as I am about it because I’ve truly been wanting to have a space like this for some time.

Okay so onto today’s topic which is all about the perfect Easter menu.

For Easter I usually go the Italian route or for the classic American fare. Either way, people leave my house with their pants unbuttoned and complaining that they might explode, that to me is a sign of success! I never allow people to leave hungry, it’s not in my DNA to allow that.

As much as I love cooking, you know I stay away from fancy, over complicated things. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with my loved ones and not stressing over the perfect souffle. I hope this helps you if you’re looking for ideas on what to serve.

Growing up in Italy, this is what our meal looked like. Now if I’m honest, my mother makes goat or rabbit but I usually don’t eat either so I substitute chicken or lamb (although my siblings aren’t big fans of lamb so we mainly stick with chicken) for my second course.

Here is my traditional Italian Easter menu that I will be serving this year:

We start every single big meal (Holiday or not) with antipasti, you don’t need a recipe for this, it’s basically a few different types of salumi like prosciutto, salami, capicolla, mortadella, plus some cheeses, provolone, mozzarella and a wedge of Parm. Then we round it out with some bruschetta, marinated roasted peppers, pickled eggplant etc. etc. This must always be on the table, no meal starts without antipasti. But for Easter, we also add Casatiello Napoletano to our antipasti spread. Then it’s pasta for a main course, a roast of some sort as a second course, some veggie sides and finally fruit and pastiera. I also always make my sweet bread, I love it so much I can’t bear the idea of not having it around on Easter.